Kimi Raikkonen is divorcing his wife

Kimi Raikkonen is divorcing his wife

Kimi Raikkonen broke up with his wife Jenny Dahlman, after eight years of marriage. According to Finnish media, 33-year-old rider was soon to go through divorce proceedings.

Raikkonen and former "Miss Scandinavia" married in the year 2004 and is considered one of the most famous couples in Finland - they even called "Finnish Beckham." Dahlman soon left her career to become a professional model and jumping. In 2009, the couple for 30 million euros bought a luxury home Switzerland, which has its own name "Villa Butterfly".

According to the Finnish newspaper Ilta Sanomat, a few weeks ago, Dahlman left this house and now lives separately. Tabloid recalled that last October, Jenny appeared at the International Horse Show in Helsinki, and even then she was not wearing a wedding ring.

Raikkonen Rica Kuvaya representative confirmed the Finnish weekly Seiska, that Kimi and Jenny broke up, calling it "a pity." As noted by MTV3, a divorce can be costly racer Lotus, as the size of its state exceeds 120 million euros.

By the way, according to economic experts, Kimi is quite reasonable with their money: they are largely invested in luxury real estate in Finland, Switzerland and Thailand.

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