Fernando Alonso has revealed the secret of the new tattoo

Fernando Alonso has revealed the secret of the new tattoo

A couple of months ago, Fernando Alonso on the official site has published answers to questions fans, raised through Twitter. One of the questions dealt with the new tattoo, which appeared on the back of the rider, and if that's what Fernando said: "Each tattoo has a deeper meaning - otherwise they would not be necessary. I do not think it's decoration - pictures of the body can tell a lot about a person. I am well thought through all of the tattoo, each has its own meaning and its own special place.

Maybe one day I'll make a photo of the new tattoo to satisfy your curiosity, but do not want to reveal its meaning - it is very personal. I have always adhered to the principle that everything that I do - it is a sign of respect for my family and to those who have already gone. "

Agree, very thoughtful commentary and even mysterious, especially for those who do not know what a double world champion indifferent to the body-art.

The intrigue continued literally until yesterday evening, when Fernando, nevertheless, decided to show the picture adorning his back, unveiling a Twitter photo, and providing her comments. It turned out that this image of the ancient samurai, and, made an impressive and very high quality.

Commenting on his move Alonso, first, not without sarcasm, expressed sympathy for the paparazzi for being "robbed them exclusive" and deprived the secret masters of photography who like to hide in the bushes or climb the trees, the first opportunity to capture this beauty.

Secondly, he explained, to some extent the choice of the plot tattoos: "The Power of samurai - not only in his muscles. Thanks to the intelligence and willpower, he has enough power for any achievements. " According to Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo, it is these qualities to help Alonso win another title.

Of course, the Spanish fans are not dumb, and filled up the newspaper, reprinted photographs published in the driver microblog on Twitter and on his official website, their comments.

One of them, in their own curious: "Fernando lives in Switzerland, made a Chinese tattoo, working on the Italian company, but in the days of his victories sounds Spanish national anthem. He - a cosmopolitan! "

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