Mario Andretti: Now the U.S. Grand Prix has found his home

Formula One World Champion in January 1978 Mario Andretti believes that the U.S. Grand Prix, which from this year will be held on the track Circuit of the Americas in Austin, will thrive in the future, not to fight for their place in the championship calendar.

"When I saw the place where the trail was built in June, I have a doubt in how the project progresses. However, I was amazed at what kind of work they had done since. The organizers were the biggest challenge, as the entire project is often passed from hand to hand. However, they were able to demonstrate a passion and a miracle, making the project to earn - quotes Mario Andretti Edition Guardian. - Now the U.S. Grand Prix has found his home. I think Formula 1 stage in this country will prosper in the future, not just to fight for survival. Austin - a great city, and she run a bit like Silverstone and Hockenheim, and should appeal to riders. "